Bachelor of Arts and Sciences 2017, Quest University Canada, Squamish, BC

Thesis: Theory and Applications of Quantum Computing (awarded distinction by faculty for excellence)


Languages: Python, C/C++, CUDA, JavaScript, Racket

Libraries/Tools: Git, Cython, Numpy, Pandas, LATEX, Matplotlib, D3.js


Algorithms Researcher, Summer 2017 - Current

D-Wave Systems, Burnaby, BC

  • Developed high performance GPU-based heuristic optimization solvers, especially MCMC algorithms
  • Conducted hybrid quantum-classical algorithm research utilizing D-Wave’s quantum computers
  • Maintained and contributed to open-source projects for optimizing solvers

Algorithms Research Intern, Summer 2016

D-Wave Systems, Burnaby, BC

  • Constructed graph embeddings to run on D-Wave’s quantum annealer
  • Thoroughly tested the different embeddings on D-Wave’s machines
  • Analyzed and represented results using Matplotlib/Seaborn

Peer Tutor, 2014 - 2016

Quest Peer Tutors, Quest University Canada

  • Peer Tutors provide free tutoring for the students at Quest
  • Met students one-on-one and in small groups for basic math tutoring
  • Provided focused tutoring for math and computer science classes


  • King, A. D., Raymond, J., Lanting, T., Isakov, S. V., Mohseni, M., Poulin-Lamarre, G., Ejtemaee, S., Bernoudy, W., Ozfidan, I., Smirnov, A. Y., Reis, M., Altomare, F., Babcock, M., Baron, C., Berkley, A. J., Boothby, K., Bunyk, P. I., Christiani, H., Enderud, C., … Amin, M. H. (2019). Scaling advantage in quantum simulation of geometrically frustrated magnets.

  • King, J., Mohseni, M., Bernoudy, W., Fréchette, A., Sadeghi, H., Isakov, S. V., Neven, H., & Amin, M. H. (2019). Quantum-assisted genetic algorithm.

  • King, A. D., Bernoudy, W., King, J., Berkley, A. J., & Lanting, T. (2018). Emulating the coherent Ising machine with a mean-field algorithm.

  • McGeoch, C. C., Bernoudy, W., & King, J. (2018). Comment on “Scaling advantages of all-to-all connectivity in physical annealers: the Coherent Ising Machine vs D-Wave 2000Q”.

  • Hoshino, R., Slobodin, A., & Bernoudy, W. (2018). An Automated Employee Timetabling System for Small Businesses. In S. A. McIlraith & K. Q. Weinberger (Eds.), Proceedings of the Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, February 2-7, 2018. AAAI Press. Recieved the Deployed Applications Award.


Quantum Computing

  • dwave-neal - An efficient CPU-based implementation of simulated annealing.
  • quetzal — A gate-based quantum computer simulator written in Racket that allows for writing and testing of quantum algorithms.
  • qassoc.rkt — Also based on quetzal, this implements quantum associative memory with a superposition-slicing algorithm to store patterns and a modified Grover’s algorithm to retrieve them.


  • — RSA-based t-out-of-n oblivious transfer in Python.
  • pygarble — Secure two-party computation using Yao’s garbled circuits in Python.
  • elgamal-voting — Secure voting with ElGamal homomorphic encryption and Pederson commits in Python (also rewritten in JavaScript for an online voting platform).


I studied Mandarin at Quest and in Taiwan and am an intermediate speaker.